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8 thoughts on “Supporters

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    • I don’t really know. I sent them information like other organisations, but they are apparently not interested. While all the major, related organisations in the Americas support this idea, Europeans don’t. I might talk some of them at the BirdFair. Maybe that helps.

      • Maybe the Eurobirdwatch, conducted during the first week of October is too close to one more event for the public.

      • Thanks for your comment. The point is that we don’t ask organisations to organise anything for World Shorebirds Day. It doesn’t mean they cannot if they want to. This is an invite for individuals to participate! I know that everyone goes out within the week of Global Shorebird Counting and all we need to share their observations. That’s it. Last year I checked the eBird activity and with a bit of attention we easily could have multiplied the number of shared checklists as they were submitted to eBird anyway. I think it is worth to send an note of this in a blog post.

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