Global Shorebird Counting Loyalty Program


Promoting and ensuring the long term involvement of birdwatchers, researchers and educators in the Global Shorebird Counting Program in consecutive years.

Eligibility for being included in the prize draw

  • At least one checklist have to be submitted to eBird by the observer(s).
  • Checklists have to include at least one shorebird species according to list of shorebirds of the world.*
  • All eBird users included in the shared checklists are eligible to be the part of the prize draw. It is a joint responsibility of both the checklist submitter and all the co-participants to be on the checklist. Co-participants with no eBird account is not eligible for the prize draw.**
  • eBird users with 5 or more checklists from different sites are eligible for the special prize.***
  • Submitted checklists or shorebird data turned down by regional reviewer are loosing eligibility status.


World Shorebirds Day coordinators keep the right to change any of the prizes listed in the introductory blog post, without any further notice.**** Due to upcoming possible partner- and sponsorships, the list of prizes might be expanded. The relevant prize list page might therefore be updated without any notice.

*Due to annual taxonomic revisions the list of shorebirds of the world might change. The list of shorebirds provided will be modified according to changes.

**This is the only way to manage checklists for the prize draw.

***Counting locations have to be well separated from each other (distance between two coastal transect counting points have to be at least 300 meters)

****It cannot be guaranteed that the listed products are available at the time of the prize draw but similar products will always come from the same class.