Global Shorebird Counting

The Global Shorebird Counting is one of the key events of the World Shorebirds Day. This is not particularly a citizen science program, but rather an effort to rise awareness for the importance of regular bird monitoring as the core element of bird protection and habitat conservation.

Big wintering shorebird (Dunlin, Little Stint and Kentish Plover) flock over the Salinas of Ulcíjn, Montenegro. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Big wintering shorebird (Dunlin, Little Stint and Kentish Plover) flock over the Salinas of Ulcíjn, Montenegro. © Gyorgy Szimuly

Why counting shorebirds is so important?

Saving birds without knowing the actual number of individuals of a bird species living in the world is impossible? Population figures should not be guesses! Those are the facts, based on countings, carried out by thousands of volunteers and professionals worldwide. The result is an exact population figure and trend, which is one of the fundamental elements to assess the legal protection status of any species. Still, the importance of bird monitoring (regular counting) is underrated and often ignored by many.

This program aims to give a picture of the power of field work, to help non-counters to improve their counting skills, and to increase the number of counters worldwide.

How to be a part of this popular program of the World Shorebirds Day.

  1. Think about where will you be on 6-7 September 2014;
  2. Select your location(s) where you most probably would do counting;
  3. Register your site by filling the form bellow;
  4. Follow our blog to get notified about new announcements;
  5. Go counting shorebirds on the weekend of 6-7 September 2014;
  6. Submit your data (more about this later).

‘registereded’ counting locations on the weekend of the World Shorebirds Day

There are hundreds of sites and counters already registered for the World Shorebirds Day. The ‘booked’ sites can be seen on the event’s Google Map.

Do you wish to register your location?

If you want to participate in the countings on 6-7 September 2014, book your location by filling this form bellow. If you want to give yourself a chance to win a pack of fantastic bird books, please visit the related blog post. The more times you submit this form with a new site, the more chance you have to win!

34 thoughts on “Global Shorebird Counting

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  6. The document has registerd sites but unable to put spot on the map ,please can you help? Moorland beach,Pardoe beach near Devonport and Freers beach near Port Sorell Tasmania

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  8. I’ve registered two sites as well, but they are not showing on the map. Forteau and Lanse Amour, NL, Canada

    • Dots added to the map manually. It takes time. It is just for showing the distribution of participants. Your registration is fine and there is no task with the map. :)

  9. Will multiple counts at the same site be ok? I counted today at Malibu Lagoon (coast west of Los Angeles) and another birder wants to count tomorrow. Thanks much for organizing this important effort.

  10. I’d like to post my site on Google Maps: Italy, Latium, province of Latina, Sabaudia.
    Where do I post my counts?
    Thanks for helping me!

  11. Will there be some sort of report of your count results?
    I promoted the count on our Audubon chapter blog and would like to do a follow-up blog with some data.

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