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    • I couldn’t figure how to register but Gary and I surveyed Bahia Honda yesterday. How do we send in the results?

      • Hello Susan,

        Registration and details are available on this page.
        Data sharing process under this link

        I hope this helps. I’m looking forward to seeing your data. Thanks for participating. 🙂

  1. Hello,

    I registered but my planned birding location (Cowsprings Lake, AZ near Tonalea, AZ) is not showing up on the site map.

    Lonnie Pilkington

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  3. If you want to promote people counting shorebirds,

    and you use eBird for all your counting,

    you should have a special portal or page

    on your website that,

    shows a persons rank in the total list of people with most shorebirds counted

    by state or country, etc.


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  5. hi
    I am not familiar working with google maps;
    can you register 2 sites for me for the world shorebird day:-
    – Laverton creek mouth (-37.878798, 144.807329)
    – Truganina swamp (-37.868265, 144.802006)

    let me know if you need more info.
    thankyou – lai

      • thanks, gyorgy;

        i’d like to promote it on the local birding website
        n am wondering if you can run thru’ the guidelines for diy registering?
        i can’t see an option that enable any keyboard entry;

        also are we to enter the data with ebird?
        finally, you guys are doing a great job n love the sketches

        thanks – lai

      • Can you give instructions on how to register a spot? I can’t figure it out either, and tried the Register link but that was to register for a wordpress domain which I do not want! I don’t use twitter or all the other icon stuff.

      • I still don’t see directions on how to register a site. I found a way yesterday, bouncing between googlemaps for coordinates and some page from this site to put in city, location name, etc. Today I can’t find that site, and I need to correct the name of one location I put in yesterday. But everything takes me to wordpress, not to the shorebird registration. So, if you care to make the changes, what is registered, I think, from yesterday, is Ben T Campbell beach. That should read Ben T Davis Beach. And I want to add another location, Cypress Point Park, Tampa, FL. I will be submitting ebird lists for a total of 5 locations, for 4 people. I’ll put WorldShoreBirdDay in the share list of ebird, and hope that you get the info, because I find this site woefully inadequate in instructions.

      • Which part do you think is woefully inadequate? Never heard any complaints about it from any of the hundreds of participants. I think it is ridiculously simple. Anyway, I’m happy to help.

  6. Hello,
    I cannot figure out how to register the counting site so trying this.
    Beside Pohnpei Airport, Federated States of Micronesia
    Lat and Longitude 6.987350, 158.202559

    • Hello,
      Wonderign if the 2017 observations that I submitted from Palau reached you. They do not seem to have appeared on your map.
      Glenn McKinlay

      • Have figured out the problem. American date formats threw me so Spet 7 went in as Juyly 9 etc.
        13 checklists. I manged to share 1 just now, but internet access is very poor here. Will attempt to share the rest when I have better access on Thursday.
        I also have a large count almost 1800 birds, from another site (a shorebird IBA that won’t otherwisee be included) August 31-Sept, that I would like to include, but cannot put that into ebird – different protocol – so is there a way to email my excel file for that?

  7. Fellow Birder,

    If you change your eBird Sighting for the Pony Pasture in RIchmond, Virginia from location “James River Park — Pony Pasture Section” to “James River Park — Pony Pasture”,

    it will all have the correct location.

    James Shelton
    Richmond Va

  8. Beautify Cambria, a non-profit group, is hosting a Bird event September 3rd at the Center for the Arts (old elementary schoolhouse theater) at 5:30. We are honored to have Carolyn Skinder present a 30 minute talk on Central Coast Shorebirds with time for questions and answers. We wil show the Hitchcock movie, The Birds, have prizes for costumes and trivia questions. Food and wine will be served. Tickets are only $20.00 and the money will go towards planting Cambria medians and sidewalk strips to attract pollinators and beautify the town. You can see our flyer and purchase tickets on our website:

    • Hi, of course you can but then you have to start a new form. Technically it is a little bit difficult with WordPress. I hope it is not a big issue. Thanks for your enthusiasm. Great attitude. 🙂

  9. I am wanting to submit some data for the count from South Africa – we don’t use eBird, but have some data! Please let me know how i can do so…

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