World Shorebirds Day Ambassadorship

Blackish Oystercatcher (Haematopus ater) by Gyorgy Szimuly on

Blackish Oystercatcher (Haematopus ater) at the Pacific coast of Arica, n Chile. © Gyorgy Szimuly

With the launch of World Shorebirds Day the appreciation of shorebirds, their challenges throughout their entire life cycle, and the extraordinary work of their safeguards have been in spotlight. This has been one of the original missions of this initiative.

Organising World Shorebirds Day is a tremendous task for a single coordinator but this not the biggest issue. The lack of direct contacts with local birding communities seriously limits the reach of the wider audience. One of the long time shorebird friends on Facebook recommended to build up an ambassador network of World Shorebirds Day. Andrew also offered his help in the New York area.

I know some of us are full of commitments and struggle to find enough time for everything but there must be a few among our supporters having time for a few emails every year around World Shorebirds Day. The Ambassador will be asked to encourage the local birdwatching community for taking part in the Global Shorebird Counting. As this is a voluntary task it is totally up to the Ambassador how much time he or she allocates for making a difference.

So we ‘officially’ announcing the opening of World Shorebirds Day Ambassadorship. All you need to do is entering you communication details bellow with the area you wish to be a representative of.

5 thoughts on “World Shorebirds Day Ambassadorship

  1. What does being an ambassador entail? If it’s just letting the Oregon birding community know about it and passing on information, I can do that.

  2. It’s a great idea for spreading the load… For me, the timing is wrong (as is my location), being near the start of the 6-month Abaco Piping Plover Watch. Hard enough to get beach cover for just the one species I’m afraid! Good luck. RH

  3. i’ve put my name down as an ambassador for australia, m’sia n s’pore. but i’d be happy to offer up the post if someone else is offering to do so too, as i would not be able to commit alot of time to it. but having said that i’ll be happy to do it otherwise.
    just a bit of food for thought – as you well know, that 1st week of sept is not greatest for shorebird counting here in the southern hemisphere, the birders may be more responsive if it’s moved a week or two later. just something you guys may like to consider.

    ciao lai

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