Constructive criticism needed

Only a few years ago, World Shorebirds Day was a single idea reflecting my endless passion for these beautiful birds. After widely communicated my idea and received positive feedback I set up this WordPress website as my primary communication platform with Global Shorebird Counting participants and World Shorebirds Day supporters. I have been using my limited financial resources and time to do it the best possible way and while I was aware of the limitation of using this service, it did the job to a degree.

However, it is time to create a cleaner and more easily understandable website for World Shorebirds Day. What is needed to make this happen? Here is what I think we will need.

  • Web developer and designer
  • Feedback about the most unclear and confusing part of the website (constructive criticism)
  • Correcting English texts as it was written by a non-native speaker (me from Hungary)
  • Shorebird photos donated for the website
  • Contributors with writing skills

Should you be able to help with anything, please comment on this post or send an email to


Dunlin in Svalbard breeding grounds. © Edvard Wendelin (Photo was legally embedded from Edvard Wendelin’s Flickr stream with direct link to his portfolio. Check out his work.)



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