Sign up for a big win – Faithful Counters

We are announcing an exciting ‘competition’ among faithful participants of the Global Shorebird Counting Program. We think it’s big and worth to sign up for.

Here is the deal. Sign up for participating in all the Global Shorebird Counting events between 2 September 2016 and 8 September 2019 and you are eligible to get one of the major prizes and dozens of smaller ones. All is needed to submit shorebird checklist(s) to eBird from every Global Shorebird Counting event between the date mentioned (exact dates to be announced in our blog). Winners will get their prize before Christmas of 2019. Separate signing up needed to register. Simply fill out the form and keep World Shorebirds Day in your mind, but we can help reminding you if you just follow our blog and get notified of new announcements.

I can confirm the following top prizes.

The first top prize is a Zeiss Victory SF 10×42 black binoculars.

The second major prize is KOWA TSN 883 Spotting Scope with 25-60x Zoom Eyepiece.

For the third major prize I’m working on partnering with a tour company for an exciting bird holiday to Hungary and Central Europe.

This not the prize artwork but one of the excellent painting by Szabolcs Kókay.

A special prize will go to someone who will have participated in all Global Shorebird Counting event since 2014. The prize is a Siberian Tundra themed beautiful shorebird painting by Szabolcs Kókay, who will also help us presenting the winners in our live video event.

We draw a copy of the ‘Handbook of Shorebirds of the World’. Volume 1 as well.

Other smaller prizes could also be added. I think it is an exciting chance for everyone to combine the joy of watching shorebirds in the field and enjoying the wonderful prizes and a nice opportunity for us to appreciate your efforts. Show your commitment and make your booking today.

Global Shorebird Counting Program organisers keep the right to make changes in the prizes without further notification.

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