Why not counting shorebirds as you go birding anyway?


The Global Shorebird Counting event of World Shorebirds Day is fast approaching and our map with the registered counting locations is already looking good. I cannot encourage you enough to make a very easy registration and show us your support for this special day and for these incredible migrants. Most of us go out for birdwatching in most weekends so why don’t you just count all the shorebirds present on your site(s). All you have to do is to share your data with us. I’m sure this would make a big difference. Please think about being a part of the Global Shorebird Counting as it costs nothing especially if you go birding anyway. And you will go anyway, won’t you?

World Shorebirds Day is an appreciation day, a day for raising awareness for the need of more effective conservation of decreasing shorebird populations, education and conservation research. Between 2-6 September 2016 go out to your local wetland (not only coastal areas!!!) and share your findings with us. Give yourself a chance to win some exciting gifts but above all, enjoy watching shorebirds.

Find more details on out program page which is now available in several languages. If you can help with translating the page into your native language please leave a comment.

Common Redshank

Photos are legally embedded from Flickr.


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