Updated: Raffle prizes for Global Shorebird Counting participants

Finally we are in the position to give away a few gifts for some lucky participants of the Global Shorebird Counting Program. The prize list is still not fixed as I am expecting confirmations from the contacted partners of World Shorebirds Day. Today I sent an artwork composition to a t-shirt printing company for test printing and quality check. Bellow you can see the result of a cooperation between Szabolcs Kókay and World Shorebirds Day. Pencil artwork, created by Szabi, was tranformed into a vibrant digital vector graphics.

Organisers of World Shorebirds Day will draw 10 t-shirts among Global Shorebird Counting Program participants if they have or will have submitted and shared at least one shorebird checklist from any of the GSC dates between 2014 and 2016.

Another confirmed generous gift was offered by the Editor of the American BirdWatching Magazine with a year long subscription.



You can also win a one year subscription of the Birdwatch Magazine donated by the Global Shorebird Counting Program Coordinator.

We are looking forward to adding more names to the list of potential winners. In case you haven’t done it yet, please make your registration on our dedicated Global Shorebird Counting page which is now available in multiple languages.

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