Happy 2nd World Shorebirds Day!

Feel free to use this image for your media materials. Higher resolution version is also available. © World Shorebirds Day

It’s here! The 2nd World Shorebirds Day is on. Thousands of birdwatchers have been watching shorebirds at hundreds of different locations all around the world. This weekend is an absolutely touching moment for all love shorebirds. Let me express my personal feelings about this day.

The success of last year’s World Shorebirds Day was mind-blowing for me. I was deeply impressed by the response I got what encouraged me to keep going on and to get more and more people and organisation being engaged in shorebirds and their conservation. The potential in such a commemoration is enormous. In many areas there are large gaps in the knowledge about shorebirds and not just from scientific point of view. We have to raise awareness either of the readers of this blog and of those who don’t follow it yet. However, the progress, the positive impact is clearly visible.

The Global Shorebird Counting is one of the most important programs of the World Shorebirds Day as it is about what birdwatchers are about. Watching bids, watching shorebirds! We love to do it. Organisers and participants of different events of Global Shorebird Counting Program expressed their support in making a difference in the attitude of people from different sectors, even hunters’. That’s a great step! Shorebird populations are plummeting almost everywhere in the world what forces relevant conservation bodies doing extraordinary and demanding world to stop these negative trends. World Shorebirds Day is a wonderful opportunity to thank for all the hard work of conservationists, researchers and participants of numerous citizen science programmes.


Happy World Shorebirds Day!


6 thoughts on “Happy 2nd World Shorebirds Day!

  1. If we enter our counts from the weekend on eBird and put “World Shorebirds Day” in the comments, then the data is included in the count? Is that all I need to do?

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