Counting locations on the map

Thanks to Murphy’s Law, my computer died at the beginning of the World Shorebirds Day weekend. This issue restricted me working on my iPhone and it apparently slowed the progress.

Yet, works are in progress and I am close to get all the dots on the map. If you registered your counting location(s) please have a look at the map and let me know if your site is still missing. Once the map is complete, it will be published in the blog.

Click here to see the Google Map.


15 thoughts on “Counting locations on the map

  1. Hello Gyorgy sorry to hear about your computer problems. However, I have checked the ‘booked’ location and it is on the map (north of Xai-Xai / Mozambique). I also have since quite some time reported my dissappointing few records in e-birding Good luck and best wishes, Otto

  2. My counting locations are not indicated on the Map.
    My location information is below.
    Counting data were already submitted by eBird system (username: nuka10).

    Name: North of Kujukuri beach from Kuriyama river to Shin river, Chiba, Japan
    Latitude: 35.637, Longitude: 140.572

    Name: Kujukuri-hama btwn Kido-gawa and Kuriyama-gawa, Chiba, Japan
    Latitude: 35.591, Longitude: 140.512

    Name: Iioka beach, Chiba, Japan
    Latitude: 35.702, Longitude: 140.71

  3. Yes, my dot is still there. i just wanted to mention that I went to more locations than I registered … eBird would show that … If you WANT to add them they are at the following, but it is not a neccessity for me.

    49.5394412,-115.6229281 49.5534545,-115.6347599 49.5915185,-115.8051682 49.5722082,-115.6575394

    Dianne C.


  4. Hello Gyorgy

    Canchales Ok, but the locations of Morantes and Esparragalejo are not still registered.

    Best regards


    Enviado desde mi iPad

    > El 21/09/2014, a las 13:22, “World Shorebirds Day” escribió:

  5. Gyorgy

    The World Shorebird Day is off to a great start and I am sure it will continue.

    When I registered I just included Kachemak Bay Alaska which has two WHSRN sites. I should have also established another site for the mouth of the Anchor River, which is just north of Kachemak Bay, since there were submissions for this site also. Is it too late to add an Anchor River site?.

    Regarding the Kachemak Bay site, the map shows the location to be the Fox River flats part of the bay which is a WHSRN site but pretty inaccessible and not where our shorebird counting took place. The counting took place at the Homer Spit, also a WHSRN site and about 25 miles away. It would be more correct if the marker was located at the Homer Spit. Should this be changed?

    George Matz

      • Gyory

        The coordinates for Anchor Point are:
        59°46’20.6″N 151°52’06.8″W
        59.772387, -151.868563

        We (Kachemak Bay Birders) had three submissions from this eBird hotspot which I previously sent in as an email. Please note that Anchor Point is not actually part of the Kachemak Bay WHSRN site.

        The coordinates for Mariner Park Lagoon, where we had two submissions are.
        59°38’10.1″N 151°30’14.5″W
        59.636127, -151.504040

        This site is part of the Kachemak Bay WHSRN site.

        Both sites are now part of our annual Kachemak Bay Shorebird Monitoring Project which monitors the spring migration.

        One again, thanks for doing this.


  6. Hello Gyorgy
    Embalse de los Canchales Ok, but the locations of embalse de Morantes and embalse de Esparragalejo aré not still registered
    Best regards

  7. Hi Gyorgy,

    I did share my lists from World Shorebirds Day with you on eBird, and registered on your website, but I do not see my locations marked on your map (they are both north of Boston).


    Winter Island, Salem, MA, U.S.A.

    Red Rock Park, Lynn, MA, U.S.A.

    • I’m sure we don’t have to be at the shore to find shorebirds. I’m living far from shores, yet there are many suitable habitats, where I could watch shorebirds. 🙂

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