Some questions answered

IMG_4367.PNGRather than replying the most frequently asked questions individually, I summarise the most common misunderstandings here.

Map vs Google form

These are for totally different purposes. Map help to encourage people to participate and also helps to understand the areas where a more effective communication needed. The markers (dots) were added manually as a result of location registration. In the last couple of days the number of registrations dramatically increased resulted some delays. In case the marker is not on the map, the registration is still valid.

Can counting locations be registered on Sunday?

Yes, if someone has just heard about the Global Shorebird Counting Program and wants to participate on Sunday (7 September), he or she can do that. Participating in the counting is unconditional! I just kindly ask you to share the data as described in our previously posted blog.

I cancel my participation as no or very few shorebirds are on my site.

There is something misunderstood here. The Global Shorebird Counting Program is not a competition! This program is about rising awareness of the importance and necessity of bird counting (monitoring). Today I was at a counting location, where only two species occurred with a total of 6 individuals. I didn’t worry about that and you shouldn’t worry neither. It is important to know about the absence of a bird at a certain location. If we don’t tell, that no shorebird was present then nothing can be done for that habitat. Habitat management have to be based on dry numerical facts! So, let’s go out counting, whatever you find, if not shorebirds.

Data submission

Nearly 900 location have been registered, what is a mind-blowing number in the launch year. Without action in the field as well as action at the computer it is just a useless list of sites. I know eBird is new to many of you and it takes time together used to it. It just have to be used! The software is very straightforward and easy to use. Of course there could be questions, but a bunch of people are happy to help. Please, take time to make eBird familiar for you!


8 thoughts on “Some questions answered

  1. Is there any deadline to data submission? As I am not familiar with ebird and I will probably need a few days to acomplish it. Thanks,

      • Middle of next week is fine! I just wouldn’t be able to do it today!!! Thanks!

  2. I am trying to understand ebird. Where and how can I find the data of the “worldshorebirdsday”? In case I want to see the data from the people involved on this weekend? Thanks!!!

  3. Hi:

    We ran our WSD at Puerto Rico. Also send our data via Puerto Rico eBird.

    Do I have to share those list to an specific email address. Thaks

    Israel guzmán

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